Chemo patient receiving transfusion.

Patient blood management (PBM) is an approach to optimizing the appropriate use of blood products in the hospital setting. In some cases, hospitals have to overcome significant practical and political challenges to effectively change transfusion practices at their facility. But the rewards that support your hospital’s Triple Aim goals can be even more significant.

  • Sustainable improvements in transfusion safety and quality measures
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Consistency in transfusion protocols
  • Reductions in inappropriate blood use

When your hospital or health system participates in our exclusive Optimum Tx® program, we provide the key insights and tools your PBM leadership team will need to make sustainable changes in transfusion policy and practice.

Optimum Tx resources and services are the foundation for successful patient blood management initiatives of any size or scale. Use the experience and learnings from hospitals like yours to supplement your own plans, or leverage our Optimum Tx resources 100% to build your hospital’s PBM program from scratch. Either way, the result will be a successful and sustainable transformation of transfusion care at your facility.

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To schedule a meeting to discuss how Optimum Tx programs and services can help your hospital meet its PBM goals, please contact your local Vitalant or affiliate blood center.

If you are not a current customer, we still may be able to help. Please call toll free (855) 590-9793 or send email to contact@vitalant.org to discuss your hospital’s or health system’s PBM needs.

Optimum Tx is a registered trademark of Vitalant.

Compatibility Services Provided By Vitalant

Contracted Services

Several Vitalant centers provide compatibility testing services for transfusion facilities that do not or choose not to perform their own compatibility testing for units they transfuse. This is a process that requires completion of a checklist prior to signing the testing agreement to provide these services. The transfusion facility must have policies and procedures defined that cover the pre-analytical and post-analytical transfusion related processes and ensure that appropriate regulations and transfusion standards set by the AABB are met.

If your facility is interested in these services, please contact your blood center to determine if this is an option in your area.