Human Leukocyte Antigen & Immunogenetics Laboratories

Vitalant’s Human Leukocyte Antigen & Immunogenetics Laboratories (HLA) provide expertise in histocompatibility testing, critical result analysis and clinical consultation for patient and donor selection in support of blood and marrow and solid organ (heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas) transplant programs. Our HLA laboratories have experience in supporting both pediatric and adult transplant programs.
HLA services are currently offered by our laboratories located in Mather, CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Spokane, WA.
HLA Laboratory services we perform:                                                                  
  • HLA Class I & II low- and high-resolution molecular typing.
  • HLA typing for disease association.
  • Rapid HLA typing confirmation of deceased donors.
  • HLA A & B low-resolution typing for HLA Matched platelet support.
  • HLA A & B low-resolution typing of platelet donors.
  • Identification of HLA matched platelet products and donors within the Vitalant system.
  • HLA antibody screening and identification.
  • Non-HLA antibody testing (anti-AT1R and anti-MICA).
  • Flow cytometry T and B cell crossmatch.
  • Engraftment monitoring (Chimerism testing).
  • Emergency back-up HLA laboratory services.
Vitalant experience provides:
  • 24/7 on call and emergent support coverage by highly trained, experienced and credentialed staff.
  • Clinical laboratory staff for testing and analysis.
  • Board certified HLA Laboratory Directors, Technical Supervisors and Clinical Consultants.
  • Medical Director consultation, guidance and patient management.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance plan.
  • Quarterly quality monitoring reports.
  • Participation in client donor and transplant candidate selection committees.

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