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We are in the process of bringing together more than a dozen of the nation’s leading blood services providers as Vitalant. There are some services and materials that are unique to your longtime blood services provider. Please find your blood provider’s former name below and choose from the links listed. Otherwise, please choose from the tabs above for general information about products and services, transfusion medicine and education/reference.


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Decades of experience and high-level expertise in blood collection, testing, logistics, distribution, special services and research propel Vitalant forward to advance the experience, practice and application of transfusion medicine. Simply put, we are the conduit that connects people with their lifesaving potential.


As trusted stewards of the blood supply, we focus our efforts every single day on making sure enough blood is available for patients when and where they need it. With help from our amazing blood donors and blood drive host organizations, we provide the necessary blood components that loved ones need to survive, heal and overcome: perhaps platelets to battle leukemia, red cells to recover from surgery or plasma to control bleeding.

Many of our locations offer therapeutic apheresis procedures and stem cell processing to support patients being treated for iron overload syndromes, auto-immune diseases and cancer, among other conditions. Our medical team works hand-in-hand with physicians to map out a treatment plan for their patients. And, our knowledgeable staff performs these special collections right at the hospital or at our donation centers.


BIOCARE and its specialty pharmacy, CANYONCARE RX, are among the leading distributors of specialty and therapeutic biological products to customers nationwide.

Donor Testing

CREATIVE TESTING SOLUTIONS is the largest independent blood donor testing organization in the United States with high volume laboratories in major metropolitan areas across the country.


Our transfusion medicine research team at VITALANT RESEARCH INSTITUTE is among the most respected and productive in the world.

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