If you have a patient who is a blood donor with a positive test result, these materials may be of help to you. Just click the form link to download a PDF of the materials:

  • Chagas Information Sheet (BS 639)
    Chagas Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 639sp)
    T. cruzi Interpretation Sheet (TCRZ-INT)
  • DAT Information Sheet (BS 950)
    DAT Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 950sp)
  • HBc Information Sheet (BS 913)
    HBc Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 913sp
    Hepatitis Interpretation Sheet (HEP-INT)
  • HBV Information Sheet (BS 914)
    HBV Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 914sp
    Hepatitis Interpretation Sheet (HEP-INT)
  • HCV Information Sheet (BS 910)
    HCV Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 910sp
    Hepatitis Interpretation Sheet (HEP-INT)
  • HIV Information Sheet (BS 921)
    HIV Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 921sp
    HIV Interpretation Sheet (HIV-INT)
  • HIV-1/HCV NAT Information Sheet (BS_988B.pdf)
    HIV-1/HCV NAT Information Sheet-Spanish (BS_988B_sp.pdf)
  • HLA Antibody Information Sheet (BS_929.pdf)
    HLA Antibody Information Sheet - Spanish (BS_929_sp.pdf)
  • HTLV Information Sheet (BS 352)
    HTLV Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 352sp
    HTLV Interpretation Sheet (HTLV-INT)
  • Syphilis Information Sheet (BS 912)
    Syphilis Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 912sp
    Syphilis Interpretation Sheet (SYP-INT)
  • WNV Information Sheet (BS 984B)
    WNV Information Sheet-Spanish (BS 984Bsp
    WNV Interpretation Sheet (WNV-INT)

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