Rh Immune Globulin (Human)

Antihemophiliac Factor

Available in regular dose or microdose. The regular dose (1 mL) contains 300 mgs of of immune globulin, which will protect against 15 mL of Rh positive RBCs (30 mL whole blood). The microdose may be used only after termination of pregnancy up to and including the 12th week of gestation.

Antihemophiliac Factor (AHF, Factor VIII)

Used for treatment of bleeding due to Hemophilia A. The dose is dependent upon the nature of the bleeding episode and severity of Factor VIII deficiency. The dose may be calculated. Several different formulations of recombinant and plasma derived Factor VIII are available. Refer to package insert for dosage and half-life specifics.

Factor IX, Factor VII

Several different kinds of Factors are available. Refer to package insert for dosage and half-life specifics.

Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin (Human)

Available in pediatric and adult dosages. Used for passive immunization of exposed, susceptible individuals who are at risk of complications from varicella infection.

Other derivatives are available upon request

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